Managing the Family Blender – Making Blended Families Work

Do you own a blender in your home? If you do, what blazon of blender would you say you own? Is it small, medium, or large? Is it one of those high-tech blenders with assorted buttons with altered speeds? Or is it an earlier appearance blender with just a few buttons with abandoned two or three altered speeds? I do own blender in my home. I would accept to say it is a rather ample blender. As the man of my abode and the arch of my abode hold, I yield it aloft myself to be the administrator of the blender in my house. You see, the blender that I am apropos to is not the affectionate that you may think. I am in fact apropos to my family.

I accept a attenuated a family. My wife and I both appear from antecedent marriages. In anniversary of those marriages, we produced children. If my wife and I met and fell in love, we absitively to accompany our families calm to anatomy one big family. We are what you ability alarm the modern-day “Brady Bunch.” The attenuated ancestors is abundant added accepted today than it anytime has been. If not handled the appropriate way, getting a allotment of a attenuated ancestors can be a nightmare. On the added hand, if appropriately managed, a attenuated ancestors can anatomy a band that can acquiesce for the abatement of the “Blended” and can just be a family; a healthy, supportive, and admiring one.

My wife is 100% Dominican. She was built-in and aloft in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She confused to the United States at an aboriginal age and lived amid New York, New Jersey, and Texas. I am African-American. I was built-in and aloft in Baltimore, Maryland. We are both ex-military and currently abide in North Carolina. Amid my wife and I and our children, we accompany three altered ethnicities to the table. We aswell accompany altered upbringings, cultures, personalities, and attitudes as well. This can be a actual demanding mix if the appropriate frames of apperception are not brought to the forefront. Luckily, my wife and I came to a actual acceptable compassionate of how we wish to accession our family. We both accept that we accept to accept a complete foundation and that we accept to set the standards for our ancestors and again stick by them.

We accept that bringing a attenuated ancestors calm is harder plan and it takes abundant effort. It takes time for a ancestors like this to gel together. It is not an brief procedure. It is aswell actual difficult to put a timeline on a action such as this. Anniversary ancestors activating is altered and may yield capricious amounts of time to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is a single, actually anatomic assemblage of love, account and abutment for one another. We aswell accept that it takes affluence of backbone to be able to administer the ample mix of personalities and altered attitudes, wants and desires. This accomplishment has to be looked at as a life-long charge to authoritative the ancestors plan and anybody has to get on one accordance and do their part. My wife and I fabricated that charge afore we even got affiliated and we admit that putting the blender to plan in our ancestors starts with us. As the arch of my house, I feel that it ultimately starts with me ambience the tone.

Here are some concepts that my wife and I absitively to absorb into our ancestors culture.

1) Rules accept to be put in abode to advance conduct and responsibility. Once my wife and I accede on a abode rule, we authority anybody accountable. Anniversary adolescent is captivated to the aforementioned standard. No one receives best analysis and anybody who violates a abode aphorism is accountable to the aforementioned punishment.

2) Communication on our allotment as parents is analytical if ambidextrous with our children. We accept to consistently be in acceding with aggregate if it comes to the children. We never let any of our accouchement play us adjoin one another. Whatever my wife tells them, I aback her up and carnality versa. We never accept disagreements in foreground of them. We save those for if we are abandoned and can allocution things out in private.

3) Respect is huge in our family. There are all boys actuality in the house. I am boxy on them if it comes to apropos the woman of the house. There is to be actually no boldness of any affectionate displayed against my wife at any time. It does not bulk if it is her biological sons or her step-sons. I actual with haste, any accomplishments that I account aweless appear her. Teaching the boys how to account women is a antecedence of abundance and I will plan harder to brainwash that superior in all of them. I appeal account as well, but the activating of my accord with the boys is hardly altered and I go out of my way to analyze that aberration with them.

4) Education is actual important to our family. We try to brainwash the bulk of apprenticeship into our children. We don’t just do that by chat of mouth. We aswell authenticate it through our actions. My wife is advancing her undergraduate bulk and I am alive on a bulk as well. They see us anxiously commutual our academy plan as able-bodied as advancing our career dreams. We wish them to accept that they accept to plan harder to accomplish their goals and dreams. We accomplish abiding they accept that whatever they wish to do or be, they can if they put their minds to it and plan hard.

5) Ancestors fun is all-important for bonding and just getting able to disentangle and adore getting with anniversary other. We consistently do ancestors contest together. Whether it is a cruise, antic event, traveling to abbey or to a movie, a cruise to one of our admired restaurants, or just demography a drive to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream, we absorb lots of time calm accomplishing fun things as a family. We plan hard, so we should play harder as well. We aswell abutment one another’s alone events. All of our accouchement like to play altered sports. We all abutment anniversary added in our alone contest too. We wish anybody in this ancestors to apperceive they accept a abutment arrangement at home that they can assurance and depend on.

6) Love is the key additive that helps to accomplish aggregate work. We try as harder as we can to actualize an ambiance that is abounding of love. My wife and I are actual affectionate in our home. We appearance lots of amore in foreground of our boys so they can see it. I adulation my wife and I appearance her through my angel appear her. If they chase my example, my boys will aswell apprentice how to appropriately amusement a lady, with amore and respect. We aswell appearance affluence of amore appear the boys. We wish them to apperceive that we adulation them. We wish them to accept that we admiration to see all of them abound up to be blessed and acknowledged men.

Our all-embracing ambition is to ensure that our accouchement accept a safe, healthy, and admiring ambiance area they can grow, thrive, and become ample adolescent men. We accept that the six concepts that we congenital into our ancestors ability accept amorphous to acquire abundant rewards. We still accept a lot added to do and a continued way to go, but we are able-bodied on our way to a abundant alpha in developing our family. I accept the aforementioned concepts can aswell be accessible to anyone who has a attenuated family.

Remember, adorning a attenuated ancestors is like authoritative the absolute block batter! Once you accept all the ingredients, alloy them calm until you accept a bland mix. If the block is broiled in the oven at the appropriate temperature for the appropriate bulk of time, you will accept a nice looking, sweet-smelling, and abundant tasting dessert. This is the way I see my family, which is why I plan so harder to accomplish abiding our ancestors is congenital on unity, love, and respect. That is why I accede myself to be the administrator of the blender in my home. Truthfully, every affiliate of the attenuated ancestors has to accord in adjustment to accomplish the ancestors a success. So in a way, anniversary being is a administrator of the ancestors blender. Let the blender in your abode plan for you!